The Riverton Cemetery is a seasonal walk-through style haunted house located in North Hollywood, California. It is put on by the same people who have done the North Hollywood Magical Christmas Truck for the last 16 years, along with other folks who work in the Entertainment Industry. The Riverton Cemetery has been an annual event in North Hollywood for the last 6 years.

Unlike most haunted houses designed today, we are not gore-oriented. We are fright-oriented. Very little blood and gore is used. Instead, we use state-of-the-art equipment and serious scare tactics.

We don't make people throw up, we make people pass out.

We are a charity event, and a non-profit organization with full 501.c3 status. We have three goals:

  • To create a world class haunted house, with state-of-the-art equipment and the best talent the Entertainment Industry has to offer.

  • To provide this haunted house to the community of North Hollywood. Our requested donation amount is small, and no-one is turned away if they don't have the money. We garnish praise from the community and local government for our efforts.

  • To teach young people who are interested in working in the Entertainment Industry how it's done. Whether it's doing set design, audio, video, lighting, special effects, costumes, makeup, or any of our other departments, or being apart of the filming and creation of our yearly Making Of video. Many of the teenagers who apprenticed here have gone on to get a good job in the Industry.

  • See our current year's page for date/time/location information.

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