The Riverton Cemetery 2000

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Admission Statistics

This is the first year paying the donation fee was highly encouraged. We also kept track of admissions this year.

Oct 29th: ( Rained heavily for the entire show )

Adult Admissions: 173
Kids Admissions: 64
Repeat Admissions: 28

Total: 318

Oct 30th:

Adult Admissions: 426
Kids Admissions: 151
Repeat Admissions: 29

Total: 684

Oct 31st:

Adult Admissions: 865
Kids Admissions: 379
Repeat Admissions: 15

Total: 1391

Total (ALL 3 NIGHTS):

Adult Admissions: 1464
Kids Admissions: 594
Repeat Admissions: 72

Total Admissions: 2393 ( Does not include a small amount of free admissions )